Great Product & Amazing Customer Experience: Kalahari Biltong

#ReallyGreatProductMarketing Snacking healthy never tasted soooooo good I love highlighting companies that are doing really great product marketing and this week I’ll be focusing on Kalahari Biltong. I just finished a Crossfit workout and was looking for a healthy paleo-friendly snack at the local convenience store nearby and because I’m a wild and crazy guy. [...]

How Do You Start a Podcast? – The Gear (Part 1)

When I decided to start a podcast I got a few different responses: Cool! I love XYZ podcast, what’s yours about?Interesting…(pained smile and skeptical face)…is there any money in that?You’ll be great you’ve got the perfect face for podcasting! (Thanks mom, I think) But the most common question I got is: How do you start [...]

Biznecdote is live…Let the story begin!

There's got to be a story behind that face. Biznecdote is live…Let the story begin! For the past year, I’ve been thinking about starting a podcast and I’ve gone through various fits and starts making slow progress, but it begins NOW! Professionally and personally, I’ve always been curious and loved learning from others experiences. And [...]