Biznecdoteis the podcast that covers the stories of how sales, marketing & product professionals have achieved success.

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Episode #11: Chris Townsend – Powering the Marketing Pipeline

Episode #10: Alex Turnwall – Designing for Success

Episode #9: Ryan Sorley – Delivering Actionable Insights

Episode #8: Dana Jay Bein – Funny Business

Episode #7: Don Schuerman – Not your everyday CTO

Episode #6: Andrew Hally – From Consulting to CMO

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About Biznecdote:

Hi, I’m Mike the host and creator of the Biznecdote. I created Biznecdote to share the stories of successful sales, marketing, and product professionals that I’ve met, so a wider audience could learn and be entertained along with me.

I hope you enjoy listening and reading the blog. Please join in the discussion and share thoughts, questions, and suggestions on what topics you’d like to hear more about.

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